Three Lessons from Hennie Muller, South Africa

Each month, we introduce you to a Christian who is on the generosity path, and we ask them what God’s taught them about giving.

This month, meet Hennie Muller from South Africa.

1. Live Like You Have Ten Minutes.

Three years ago, Hennie was competing in the Midmar Mile swimming competition. Then, Hennie says, “I had a heart attack and was dead for twenty minutes. I lost consciousness while swimming and it was total blackness. Miraculously, I finished the swim, walked 75 meters and touched a total stranger on his shoulder, who co-incidentally (nothing is co-incidental) just happened to be a medical doctor. “Within 60 seconds, CPR was applied. I was ‘dead’ for twenty minutes before my heart started beating again.” The media reported on Hennie’s miracle. “This helped me understand that I’m in the ‘last ten minutes of my life.’ In rugby/soccer, etc., the last ten minutes is crucial. Ask ‘How are you going to use your last hours on Earth? ’Leave a legacy.’”

When I spend time with God, I get clarity. He pours out a vision bit by bit.

2. Bring Your Business Skills to Your Charitable Interests.

“I run a national organization that manages electricity and water supply for over 1,000 shopping malls and property owners,” says Hennie, “but my real background is multi-level marketing, like Amway and Golden Neo-Life Products.” Hennie has trained more than 100,000 people. “Now I want to train a new generation of leadership in South Africa, across races and classes.”

3. Find the Spirit-led Places Where Giving Brings the Greatest Return.

“God has cleared up my purpose,” says Hennie. “When I spend time with God, I get clarity. He pours out a vision bit by bit.” Hennie explained that he used to be indiscriminate in the ways he helped the poor. “But most poor seem content with their lot in life” he says, “many don’t get out of that poverty mindset of receiving something for nothing, instead of contributing to their own independence. I realized that my money got different results from different initiatives. God led me to invest in the next generation rather than trying to change the poverty mindset of adults.”

Hennie, along with a board of advisors, has launched the iDestiny training program, which in essence has developed a training facility at Camp Unity situated outside the city of Bloemfontein, South Africa, to raise up a new generation of leaders for South Africa. Once established, this successful model will be expanded all around South Africa, where the vision is to impact over 100,000 youth every year “We want it to be a trigger point and help activate them for their life, and facilitate integrating them into existing ‘support programs’ in churches, schools and NGO’s” he says.

Hennie loves to give to:

Hennie and his wife Marieta “pour resources into Camp Unity youth center and into iDestiny youth training program,” Hennie says. The vision of iDestiny is to “help youth establish their careers by finding their spiritual calling within their giftings and talents.” At the camp, secondary school students make “a declaration of what they believe will be their legacy and destiny, and then we pray that God establishes that dream in the years to come.”

“They will have a hippocampus experience,” says Hennie, “they’ll always remember where their life turned around.” The concept comes out of Hennie’s own spiritual journey. “I gave my life to the Lord at a camp,” he explains. “You’re away from normal life. A camp can be a trigger, an activation point.” “We want them to have hope for themselves, hope for South Africa, and hope that comes from God,” says Hennie.

To date, the Muller family and their business partners have invested nearly 10 million Rand into this vision,” Hennie says. “God has provided strong leaders and we’re starting with five camps of fifty beginning later this year.”

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  1. Calvin Enslin says:

    Good day Mr Muller, We met briefly at the Bon gf day on 15 instant. Ds Dl La Harpe introduced us, and I am very keen to visit your facility and have a brief discussion if possible. Currently I’m am the on site minister at Tower of Hope and my term here ends on 14 January 2020. Also I have beeh a member of Alcoholic Anonymous for 34 years and have had a great deal of counceling experience with alcoholics and some with drug users. Please let me know if and when I can visit you on site. Sincerely Calvin Enslin

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