China: How should I mobilize my family to participate in my dedication to be generous?

The release of “Joy Giving” has invited deep and thoughtful questions from givers.


A brother from Shenyang, China, went through a Journey of Generosity and asks, “How should I mobilize my family to participate in my dedication?”

To respond to this question, a friend from China who loves the Generosity Movement wrote these thoughts:



1. Show More Love to Your Family Members.

There is an old saying in China that “Charity begins at home.” The first thing to do is to demonstrate and show more love to your other family members. Help them understand that generosity is a gesture of love; it’s not a form of moral dignity. Let them taste the joy of being loved.  


generosity is a gesture of love rather than a form of moral dignity

2. Think Broadly About Generosity. 

Let them know that generosity is not just confined to money exchanges. Generosity extends to labor, energy, influence and skills. Generosity is about helping out each other, among the people around you. It brings great harmony, it builds community and everyone benefits from this outcome.


3. Start Small.

Start engaging your family members in some small-scale generosity in your neighborhood. For example, give cakes and fruits to neighbors. Doing something that is within your family members’ capability helps establish the habit of giving. And not just giving, but giving through love rather than pity and sympathy.


4. Keep Doing Something Every Day.

Try to give away some item every day or some amount of money every day. That makes you, yourself, fall into a natural mode of doing things like that.


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