Three Lessons from Eun Young Park, South Korea

Each month, we introduce you to a Christian who is on the generosity path, and we ask them what God’s taught them about giving.

This month, meet Eun Young Park from South Korea.

1. Happiness Is Lost in Lifestyle. 

“I was a partner at a law firm about seven years ago. I still had something empty in my heart. I was so far away from God. I felt emptiness. I realized that, like a prodigal son, I needed to go home to see my Father. It took seven years coming back to the Lord. On the way back, I realized that my lifestyle was not helping. I lost happiness. I wanted to be a person who cared for others, especially for those in need.”

I realized that God gave me a special gift in that joy.

2. Giving Brings Inexpressible Joy!

When the Park family stepped out in faith to bless a boy they knew, Eun Young was overcome by joy as he commuted. “As I drove, I thought about the story. About how people were moved and how the boy was taken care of. All of a sudden, I was struck by the joy. I was trembling. I couldn’t drive. I had to stop the car and wait for 15 minutes until I became calm! I still remember it was almost a heavenly joy. The kind that we might experience when we see Jesus face to face. I realized that God gave me a special gift in that joy.”

3. Request “Dear Donor that I Do Not Know” Letters. 

Eun Young smiles and holds up a stack of letters from students whose scholarships he funds. He gives secretly, but asks the school two things: (1) tell students they are funded by someone who believes if you seek His Kingdom and His will, everything will be taken care of (Mt 6:33); and (2) recipients write an annual letter to “Donor That I Do Not Know.”

Eun Young says, “I read the letters when I’m tired. When I read it, I feel their heart and it brings me joy.” One student wrote, “The scholarship was God’s miracle. My parents are poor missionaries in an undeveloped country. When they asked if I have enough, I could not tell them that I need money but said I had plenty. At the time, $30 in my pocket was the only money that I had. Then the school office told me that I was awarded a big scholarship.” “I feel so much joy,” says Eun Young.

Eun Young loves to give to:

Open Door is a ministry that takes care of young adolescents who were abused at home. “Open Door Ministry, run by a wonderful pastor couple, takes care of around 20 people who were so severely abused by their parents,” says Eun Young. “The parents are drug abusers or involved in the serious problem of addiction to computer games. These addicted computer gamers get caught up in gaming and then forget their baby at home.”

The kids of Open Door are “almost like extended family” for the Park family. “They are great,” says Eun Young. “They pray very hard and they pray for our family; they pray for my daughters and so I really like that.” The center asks that donors offer “hearty helps” for “children who are recovering their smiles….”

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