Three Lessons from Esther and Caspar Jiang, China

Each month, we introduce you to a Christian who is on the generosity path, and we ask them what God’s taught them about giving.

This month, meet Esther and Casper Jiang from China

1. You Can Minister Through Your Business. 

Esther founded her business ten years ago, dedicating it to God. Some have questioned her about why she chooses to grow her business rather than giving immediately. She says, “I was working for another company and I started a prayer list. I prayed that God would let me start my own company that was led by God and serving God. I use the money to support [Christian] brothers and sisters. I realized that my business can serve God and the church and I share God’s words with my employees.”

We know the richest man in the whole universe is our Lord and we belong to Him.

2. Generosity Sets Us Free from Slavery.

Caspar explains that, before attending the Journey of Generosity, “we thought all we have belongs to us because we worked, we worried, we spent energy. And every piece of money is spent on ourselves. But money was like a burden. We were slaves to money. Our temper, our mood, is like we were slaves to the money. Money is very important in Shanghai, but we don’t want to live like slaves.” The Journey of Generosity taught Caspar something different. “It has changed us. Now we look at money in another way. The real boss is our Lord. We know the richest man in the whole universe is our Lord and we belong to Him.”

3. Give Freely.

The Jiangs used to carefully scrutinize each giving decision and were anxious about giving. But, Caspar says, “We started to think, ‘we should have the confidence of our Lord’ and we started to give. We started to offer giving help and giving what we have to other people. We feel touched by the Holy Spirit. The joy is different. We can really feel it. We did not immediately become more rich after the journey but our hearts feel richer.”

Esther and Caspar love to give to:

The Jiang family love their church and the way it tangibly meets needs of young professionals in Shanghai. “Shanghai is an immigrating city,” says Caspar. “Young people come here for their dreams. It’s high pressure. People work so hard and the work takes so much. They don’t know how to give love and share love.” But their church serves this demographic beautifully.

The Jiangs appreciate that the church teaches on biblical marriage, wise dating, and financial planning. The Jiangs are now backing churches in other cities. “ there’s one church that is just starting,” says Caspar with a big smile. “Me and my wife wanted to encourage this [church] couple so we offered money so they would be encouraged.”

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