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Three Lessons on Giving from Christus Frank Antony

1. Gratitude Melts the Heart.  Never underestimate the power of a “thank you.” Christus tells the story that launched his family onto a generosity path: “We were finishing Sunday worship and coming out of church. The church has a home for Physically and Mentally challenged poor children on the premises. These children were standing at the gate collecting money so that people would give alms as they leave the church.” Riann (Christus’ daughter) made a gift to one of the children who was begging. “This little kid who was intellectually […]

Three Lessons on Giving from Francisco Garcia, Guatemala

1. Funerals Remind Us that It’s Not Ours. “I keep coming back to this: He owns everything,” says Francisco. “If I think that by any measure I own it, I am hallucinating. I live in a very violent country and I’m part of a pastoral team at our church. We go to funerals all the time. I can’t remember going to a funeral as a kid. The first one I think was being 12 or 14. I never went to funerals. Now we go all the time. And, really, you […]

Three Lessons on Giving from Bertie Lourens

1. Reflect on What Your Kids Will Say. Bertie has been running WastePlan, a waste management company in South Africa, since 2004. For years, he’d been a driven & aggressive salesman, building and pouring himself into his businesses. Then, in 2013, his doctor told him that he had cancer. Bertie explains, “When I left the doctor’s room, and I walked back to my car, I saw my kid’s little faces. And I thought, What are these kids going to say? Are they going to tell the world how much money […]

Three Lessons on Giving from Roger Lam

1. Bring in the Full Tithe. In 2005, Roger says that he wasn’t following biblical teaching in any area of life, but decided to start with money. “It’s rather an unusual decision to start following biblical teaching in the area of money first, which for most people, it’s the last area of surrender.” Having heard a talk on Malachi 3 and bringing in the full tithe, Roger decided to accept God’s invitation to “test me in this.” He describes what happened next: “I filled out an auto-pay form. I put […]

The Four Steps to Generous Community

Last time, we looked at three generous communities in the Bible and shared notes from interviews with three leaders of modern-day communities in which generosity is spreading. Check out that post. What steps can you take to help business leaders and owners in your community gather for generosity? Here’s what we found: Step 1: Organized Prayer and Fasting, Asking for God’s Vision and Divine Connections Laurie emphasized the importance of praying and fasting, and of the specific vision that God gave her for a transformed business community in South Africa. […]

The Four Components of a Generous Community: Lessons from Romania, Czech, and South Africa

Situation: How Can We Develop a Generous Community? How can you help your community become generous? Imagine your city as a place in which Christians are meeting the needs and partnering together to live with open hands. How can we get from here to there? We noticed this year that, where we see Journeys of Generosity taking root, we often see a whole community of people catalyzing that. What’s going on? How can we help form generous communities? We interviewed three leaders whose areas are becoming more generous. Marius (Romania), […]

Lee Turner on “How to properly dispose of funds”

Situation: How to Give? Eugen from Kiev attended a Journey of Generosity last year. He wrote this week to ask, “How to properly dispose of funds if the Lord will increase the income of our family.” Lee Turner, who has championed our efforts in the Russian-speaking world, provided these great insights. Thanks, Lee!   Scripture: Acts 20 Lee points out that “Acts 20:32-35 shows us that living the Gospel and leading a generous life are two sides of the same coin.”   Steps: Discerning Toward the Causes God Calls You […]

Todd Peterson on “How to Visit Missions in the Field”

Situation: How best to visit ministries? Tiffany from the USA asked, “How can I fruitfully visit ministries in the field without being a distraction or slowing down their work?” Our friend Todd Peterson has a passion for spreading the Gospel to the world and has taken many others along with him, observing and celebrating what God is doing around the world. In response to questions we received, Todd Peterson shared–in his last post–why to visit ministries in the field. In this post, he shares how to do so.   Steps: Six Things […]

Todd Peterson on “Why to Visit Missions in the Field”

Situation: How best to visit ministries? As givers become more generous, their eyes inevitably look beyond their own borders to “the ends of the earth.” As they give to the mission field, they want to visit the mission field to see it in action. But the last thing a giver wants to be is a hindrance. That’s the question that came in earlier this year: Tiffany from the USA asks, “How can I fruitfully visit ministries in the field without being a distraction or slowing down their work?” Our friend Todd […]