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How do I get over a fear of lack?

I’m afraid that if I give more, I won’t have enough to meet my own needs.

The release of “Joy Giving” has invited deep and thoughtful questions from givers. Jarod from South Africa writes, “How do I get over the fear of lack and not being able to pay bills if I give a certain amount when it comes to giving?”

Jarod goes on to say, “My heart is the issue. How do I open my heart to being generous and more considerate of others than of myself?”

Even as he wrestles with his own heart, Jarod shared this story from his own life:

How do I expose my family to charities in the developing world in a healthy way?

Barry’s family visited India to expose them to giving, but it didn’t work.

Barry is a giver in the UK. He took his family to the developing world. He made his wealth in the tech industry and has a vision to disciple his children in generosity. Here’s how Barry (not his real name) describes his situation when he travel with his children, ages 16 down to 8:

We have brought the kids – the main things we do are exposing them to people in need. We want them to realize that we have more than we need, and we need to share. I want them to develop some compassion.

But they have not yet stepped up to thinking that strategically around giving.

How ambitious is it OK to be?

Godly ambition or greed?

“I have a business question for you,” said Rajiv (not his real name) as I sat in his kitchen. “How ambitious is it OK to be?”

Rajiv has been growing his business steadily. God has blessed it in remarkable ways. The business how has assets of about $10 million USD, generating revenue of $1 million. And Rajiv has the chance to take on a new piece of land that would grow his assets to about $15 million and take his revenues up to over $1.4 million.

But there’s a catch…