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Regi Campbell of Radical Mentoring on “Do You Have a Giving Goal?”

I wanted God, my boss, and everyone else to be generous with me, but I hadn’t ever been generous . . . didn’t really even know what it meant. But I knew God wanted my heart . . . my whole heart. And that money was a big thing for me, if not an idol, at least a major distraction. I had a problem. A selfishness problem.

Catherine Muthey on “How Do I Discern the Holy Spirit in Giving?”

From two continents this month, we received two very similar questions.

“How do I evaluate different giving opportunities I guess I want to know exactly where and how God wants me to give?” — Walter in South Africa
“How to distinguish between the Holy Spirit and the ideas?” — Kang in China

David Denmark on “How do you collaborate with other givers?” Part 2 of 3

Christians, to whom God has entrusted with resources, could gather together in their own nations to pray, fellowship and strategize together to see the Lord’s Kingdom expand throughout their country.

It’s not a new idea, in 400 BC, God gave Nehemiah a strategy to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, as described in chapters 3 and 4 of his book.

David Denmark on “How do you collaborate with other givers?” Part 1 of 3

Now, it was the Lord that gave you your brain, your work ethic, your guts, and the favor.  God did not give you wealth. He gave you the ability to make wealth.

So here is the question that I want to propose: Why you, why me?

Why wasn’t I born blind in a village in Brazil?  I still would have had a great life, but it would have been a different life.  Why was I given these unique abilities in the unique place where I live in this unique time?

Danie Vermeulen, South Africa on “How to respond to personal requests from my pastors?”

Danie Vermeulen from South Africa answers this question: “I got a text from my pastor asking for money for personal support of one of our church staff. Then an email went out to parents of children in our youth program asking them to contribute to get new carpet for the youth pastor—and the sale on carpet ends tomorrow. Am I wrong to be troubled by these requests?”

Michael Blue: How do I set a giving goal for myself and my family?

The same question came to us from three different friends in Africa this month.

“I want you to possibly give guidance on how to set a giving goal,” wrote Waziri from Nigeria.

“I need more light on how to set a giving goal,” said Dairya, also from Nigeria.

And Gugu from South Africa asked for “guiding on how to decide to set a giving goal.”

China: How should I mobilize my family to participate in my dedication to be generous?

A brother from Shenyang, China, went through a Journey of Generosity and asks, “How should I mobilize my family to participate in my dedication?” To respond to this question, a friend from China who loves the Generosity Movement wrote these thoughts.