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Lee Turner on “How to properly dispose of funds”

Situation: How to Give? Eugen from Kiev attended a Journey of Generosity last year. He wrote this week to ask, “How to properly dispose of funds if the Lord will increase the income of our family.” Lee Turner, who has championed our efforts in the Russian-speaking world, provided these great insights. Thanks, Lee!   Scripture: Acts 20 Lee points out that “Acts 20:32-35 shows us that living the Gospel and leading a generous life are two sides of the same coin.”   Steps: Discerning Toward the Causes God Calls You […]

Regi Campbell of Radical Mentoring on “Do You Have a Giving Goal?”

I wanted God, my boss, and everyone else to be generous with me, but I hadn’t ever been generous . . . didn’t really even know what it meant. But I knew God wanted my heart . . . my whole heart. And that money was a big thing for me, if not an idol, at least a major distraction. I had a problem. A selfishness problem.

Catherine Muthey on “How Do I Discern the Holy Spirit in Giving?”

From two continents this month, we received two very similar questions.

“How do I evaluate different giving opportunities I guess I want to know exactly where and how God wants me to give?” — Walter in South Africa
“How to distinguish between the Holy Spirit and the ideas?” — Kang in China

David Denmark on “How do you collaborate with other givers?” Part 2 of 3

Christians, to whom God has entrusted with resources, could gather together in their own nations to pray, fellowship and strategize together to see the Lord’s Kingdom expand throughout their country.

It’s not a new idea, in 400 BC, God gave Nehemiah a strategy to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, as described in chapters 3 and 4 of his book.

David Denmark on “How do you collaborate with other givers?” Part 1 of 3

Now, it was the Lord that gave you your brain, your work ethic, your guts, and the favor.  God did not give you wealth. He gave you the ability to make wealth.

So here is the question that I want to propose: Why you, why me?

Why wasn’t I born blind in a village in Brazil?  I still would have had a great life, but it would have been a different life.  Why was I given these unique abilities in the unique place where I live in this unique time?