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What Can We Learn From Wasted Perfume?

Many Churches talk about Stewardship. Few really invest in it. what can your church learn from leading churches? Central Christian Church in Phoenix Arizona, loves stewardship so much that, 17 years ago, they hired Dave Briggs to lead their efforts as Stewardship Pastor. Dave has walked with thousands of givers across the church’s several campuses. Over this series of posts, Dave answers questions about what God has taught him about helping a church grow in stewardship and generosity. An Attitude of Generosity Dave has found that people often use the […]

Three Lessons on Giving from Don Lothrop

1. Invest for the Long Term. “After three years of charitable giving to an orphanage, medical clinic, and school, I realized that the greatest need of Romanian children was long-term investment in community development, education and healthcare.” says Don, who had retired at the age of 42 and was beginning his own quest to fully trust the promises of God. A former Harvard Business School Baker Scholar, Don says “our communities and cultures are a product of what we invest in. It is our private capital, not our government, that […]

NEW Video: What Happened Pete and the Prisoners? More from the Jailhouse

Most of you who have attended a Journey of Generosity saw one of our films about Pete Ochs. The Global Leadership Network’s site posted a new video that updates us on Pete, and on the prisoners — and former prisoners — he serves. You may want to have a handkerchief available. Well done, Pete, and we are rejoicing with you!×360.mp4   The two videos we share about Pete are below. We’re grateful to Pete for the way he listens and obeys Jesus. We pray that his stories lead all […]

Three Lessons on Giving from Joseph Pai

1. You’re Called to be a Pastor.  “Growing up, I was hoping to be a pastor and wanted to be a pastor,” says Joseph. “At our school fellowship, everyone was praying about what God was calling us to do. People were feeling calls to missions. My best friend got a clear calling and became a pastor for more than 30 years.” “But I didn’t get that call,” Joseph says. “I felt a bit lost. I never imagined that I’d be a businessman.” Joseph went on to spend 40 years in […]

“How can I know God will provide?”

Situation: “How can I know God will provide?” Whenever we give, we give by faith. We release some of what God has given us, trusting that He will continue to meet our needs. As Generosity Path spreads the biblical message of generosity in the developing world, friends in places like Ethiopia and Bangladesh have asked, “How can I know God will provide?” For this reason, we have an entire section that focuses on the “fears that keep us from giving.” Our friends in the UK have made a great film […]

Three Lessons on Giving from Aarav and Drishti, India

1. Be Generous—or Your Spouse May Be Generous For You!   “I was really mad about it,” says Aarav. He’s talking about the time, in 2009, that he first learned about tithing. He wasn’t mad that he had to give. “I felt I’d wasted so many years,” he says, “and I decided to do something about it.” Aarav brought his new revelation about tithing to his wife, Drishti. “She already knew and had been hiding money and giving it away!” he says. “It wasn’t going to a proper church, but […]

“Why should my friends give?” Questions from Nigeria and China

Situation: “Why should my friends give? What do I tell them?” “I want to share generosity with the youth, children, adults and even parents. When they ask ‘why give more?’ what do I say?” – Shadrach from Nigeria “How can I mobilize my friends around me to participate in dedication? What if they do not want to give?” – Li Wei from China   Scripture: You were bought at a price. In 1 Corinthians 7:23, Paul reminds the Corinthians that they used to be slaves, but God paid a high […]

“I Feel Called to Give, but My Husband Does Not” The Turner Family Responds

Situation: One Spouse Wants to Be Generous  Julie from the UK asks, “What do I do if I feel called to give but my husband does not?” Our colleague Lee Turner and his wife Gerri have walked together on their generosity journey for decades. We asked the Turners to share their perspective as seasoned veterans in trying to give with unity. They’ve shared that, while they have different passions and approaches, they pray together and work to come together to give with unity. Lee notes that “generosity has been a […]