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Three Lessons on Giving from Don Lothrop

1. Invest for the Long Term. “After three years of charitable giving to an orphanage, medical clinic, and school, I realized that the greatest need of Romanian children was long-term investment in community development, education and healthcare.” says Don, who had retired at the age of 42 and was beginning his own quest to fully trust the promises of God. A former Harvard Business School Baker Scholar, Don says “our communities and cultures are a product of what we invest in. It is our private capital, not our government, that […]

“How to do good through investing?” Aimee Minnich of the Impact Foundation Responds

Tim in Hong Kong posed the question of “How to do good not just through giving, but through investing.”Others have asked more generally, “How do I invest charitable dollars?”Our friends Jeff Johns and Aimee Minnich established the Impact Foundation a few years ago to help invest charitable dollars in for-profit projects. Aimee took time to share her thoughts with us.