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Three Lessons on Giving from Christus Frank Antony

1. Gratitude Melts the Heart.  Never underestimate the power of a “thank you.” Christus tells the story that launched his family onto a generosity path: “We were finishing Sunday worship and coming out of church. The church has a home for Physically and Mentally challenged poor children on the premises. These children were standing at the gate collecting money so that people would give alms as they leave the church.” Riann (Christus’ daughter) made a gift to one of the children who was begging. “This little kid who was intellectually […]

Three Lessons on Giving from the Bistrian Family

1. Give First. “We started a real estate fund as Romania was going through a boom; we were buying and selling property,” Emanuel explains. “Now we’ve moved into developing entire communities—a community feel where everything is within walking distance.” When the Bistrians’ firm sells a house, the first part goes to God; they give away the first 4000€ of each home sale. “We need to change the culture in Romania from receiving to giving. God gave first, so we should give first.” To remind themselves of this principle, the Bistrians […]

Three Lessons on Giving from Marius & Dorina Abrudan

1. Tithing Sets a Good Baseline. God has led the Abrudans into vocational ministry and then into real estate and digital media companies and now, for Marius, back into vocational ministry. But tithing—as a joyful rule of thumb, not as a duty—has been a constant. “As I look back, I think it’s been always kind of a constant in my Christian walk,” says Marius. “Even in college, I would get my monthly pay and put aside my tithe and the next day, I would get a chance to earn more […]

Three Lessons on Giving from David Smith

1. Giving without Active Prayer Is Just Wasted Money. “We give to organisations that depend on active prayer,” says David. As Genesis Foundation has grown to give to more than 150 organizations per annum, David has observed that “the ministries which take prayer seriously simply thrive! It is not rocket science: the most significant strength of a Christian organisation is their chief asset: the active presence of the all-powerful God. We ask ministries, ‘What is the role of prayer in the organisation?’” So what are some ways ministries can organize […]

“How do I find a financial accountability partner?”

Situation: How do I find a financial accountability partner? Terrence from London wrote that he’d been wrestling with for a while with the idea of financial accountability. “Apart from my wife, I simply don’t have anyone with whom I can discuss radical giving.” I love that Terrence wants to go deeper, and that he recognizes the need for accountability. How do we get there?   Scripture: “It’s always better together.” My childhood pastor, Stu, served fought in the special forces. He was a biblical scholar and a massive man with […]

“Do I Give More or Invest?” Alan Barnhart, Michael Blue, Henry Kaestner and Pete Ochs Respond

Situation: Give or Invest in My Business? Julian from the UK attended a JOG recently. He then sent us this question: What is the right balance between ensuring the continuing growth and success of our business (with career development and rewarding, meaningful jobs for employees) and giving wealth to charities and external good causes? Friends in India asked a very similar question. Our friend Pete Ochs says, “You’ve just asked the $64,000 question!” We reached out to Pete, along with our friend Alan Barnhart, Michael Blue, and Henry Kaestner for […]

Todd Peterson on “How to Visit Missions in the Field”

Situation: How best to visit ministries? Tiffany from the USA asked, “How can I fruitfully visit ministries in the field without being a distraction or slowing down their work?” Our friend Todd Peterson has a passion for spreading the Gospel to the world and has taken many others along with him, observing and celebrating what God is doing around the world. In response to questions we received, Todd Peterson shared–in his last post–why to visit ministries in the field. In this post, he shares how to do so.   Steps: Six Things […]

Todd Peterson on “Why to Visit Missions in the Field”

Situation: How best to visit ministries? As givers become more generous, their eyes inevitably look beyond their own borders to “the ends of the earth.” As they give to the mission field, they want to visit the mission field to see it in action. But the last thing a giver wants to be is a hindrance. That’s the question that came in earlier this year: Tiffany from the USA asks, “How can I fruitfully visit ministries in the field without being a distraction or slowing down their work?” Our friend Todd […]

“Is it OK for a couple to give separately?” Gary Hoag assesses the situation, takes us to Scripture and offers steps for couples to take

I’ve observed five things about marriage and giving:
1. Most couples don’t live on a budget that they both understand and could articulate.
2. Most couples don’t talk about their giving on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
3. Most couples don’t have a strategy that guides their giving so that our passions align with God’s heart. Couples can think of this strategy as a team effort to shape their hearts, to help them care about what God cares about.
4. Many people don’t know their spiritual giftedness, so they are not deploying themselves in service.
5. Many people are biblically illiterate so they are not stewarding the eternal gospel well.

Regi Campbell of Radical Mentoring on “Do You Have a Giving Goal?”

I wanted God, my boss, and everyone else to be generous with me, but I hadn’t ever been generous . . . didn’t really even know what it meant. But I knew God wanted my heart . . . my whole heart. And that money was a big thing for me, if not an idol, at least a major distraction. I had a problem. A selfishness problem.