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How can I teach my young child about generosity?

Several givers have asked, “How can I teach my children about generosity?” Emyra from Indonesia wrote to ask specifically about very young children. She wrote, “How do I involve my family in giving? Especially my 3.5-year-old son?”

First Things First: Discipling Children.

The question behind the question is “How do we pass the life-giving Gospel of Jesus to our children?” Once they grasp the Gospel, they can’t help but become givers.

I asked my friend Niel in Jakarta about this.

How do I expose my family to charities in the developing world in a healthy way?

Barry’s family visited India to expose them to giving, but it didn’t work.

Barry is a giver in the UK. He took his family to the developing world. He made his wealth in the tech industry and has a vision to disciple his children in generosity. Here’s how Barry (not his real name) describes his situation when he travel with his children, ages 16 down to 8:

We have brought the kids – the main things we do are exposing them to people in need. We want them to realize that we have more than we need, and we need to share. I want them to develop some compassion.

But they have not yet stepped up to thinking that strategically around giving.