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Danie Vermeulen, South Africa, on “Should my company’s giving differ from personal giving?”

Situation: Discerning the difference between corporate and personal giving Many of you run your own companies. You have personal passions. But you also see giving as a way to disciple your employees, or as a way to build your company’s brand. Stanley in India put it succinctly: “Should my company’s giving differ from personal giving? How do I establish corporate generosity?” Danie Vermeulen is a delightful member of our team. He’s served as a pastor and ministry leader. Most recently, he served as Executive Manager at the Mergon Foundation in […]

Three Lessons from Imre Somody, Hungary

Each month, we introduce you to a Christian who is on the generosity path, and we ask them what God’s taught them about giving.

This month, meet Imre Somody from Hungary.

“I became successful quickly,” says Imre. “I was an atheist then and I started a business in 1988 and I sold it in 1996 for millions of dollars. Most of the business leaders are happy when they have millions. That’s usually the end of the story.” Imre wondered what to do with his newfound wealth…

How ambitious is it OK to be?

Godly ambition or greed?

“I have a business question for you,” said Rajiv (not his real name) as I sat in his kitchen. “How ambitious is it OK to be?”

Rajiv has been growing his business steadily. God has blessed it in remarkable ways. The business how has assets of about $10 million USD, generating revenue of $1 million. And Rajiv has the chance to take on a new piece of land that would grow his assets to about $15 million and take his revenues up to over $1.4 million.

But there’s a catch…