“Why should my friends give?” Questions from Nigeria and China

Situation: “Why should my friends give? What do I tell them?”

“I want to share generosity with the youth, children, adults and even parents. When they ask ‘why give more?’ what do I say?” – Shadrach from Nigeria

“How can I mobilize my friends around me to participate in dedication? What if they do not want to give?” – Li Wei from China


Scripture: You were bought at a price.

In 1 Corinthians 7:23, Paul reminds the Corinthians that they used to be slaves, but God paid a high price to release them from their slavery.

“You were bought at a price.” – 1 Corinthians


Steps: Share the concepts in this video, “Bought”

Our friends at Grow My True Self in the United Kingdom have created “Bought,” a powerful four-minute video about why we get to be generous.

Some of great–and challenging–lines:

To save is healthy, but it’s not the whole answer.

When money’s all you desire, it can affect you like a cancer.


There’s nothing wrong with striving for a bonus,

But sometimes what own becomes an onus.

And in reality, it owns us.


Sometimes we’re so focused on how much we save,

We forget we’ve been saved so much because He rose from the grave.


He didn’t lend us his forgiveness at a competitive interest rate

He gives us freely to us to save us from our most sinful state


Enjoy it, share with others. Thanks to the great team behind this project at growmytrueself.org.

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