“A skillfully written and carefully researched book on a relevant topic.
Thank you, Cameron Doolittle, for adding your voice to this conversation.”

Max Lucado

What people are saying

“Most of my professional life has been spent helping Christians plan and manage their financial resources for the glory of God. Cameron, who has traveled the world, brings insight and perspective to the questions they often ask. His book will encourage and challenge each of us. I believe God will use it in a significant way.”

Ron Blue, Founder,
Kingdom Advisors, Georgia, USA

“Joy Giving is an excellent resource wherever you are on the journey of giving. The breadth and depth of Cameron’s thinking, travel, and research will encourage and inspire you.”

David Smith, Founder,
Genesis Foundation, Sydney, Australia

“Joy Giving is the landmark work that only Cameron and Generosity Path could bring forth. This book is a smorgasbord of questions, answers, stories, and fresh, practical biblical insights from God’s word and God’s people from all over the world. A gift to the global church and to all who want to hear God’s heart for giving.”

David Wills, President Emeritus,
National Christian Foundation, Texas, USA

“Cameron Doolittle uses a unique collection of insights from around the world to encourage us to address our questions in a gentle, yet God-inspired way. Joy Giving not only helps tease out the answers to our questions, but leads us into a fresh experience of the joy of giving.”

John Preston, National Stewardship and Resources Officer,
Church of England, London, UK

“This is a veritable storehouse of generosity nuggets, painstakingly mined and collated, a must-read reference for everyone in the global generosity movement. A truly unique achievement is the universal applicability and teachability of the content and the format, transcending human barriers like culture, nation, socio-economic, and other identities.”

Richard Samuel, Director,
CBMC, Madurai, India

“At the Magnolia Foundation, God has given our founders, Chip and Joanna, a great platform for influence. As we’ve set up the foundation, Cameron has walked with us each step of the way. I’ve drawn deeply on the principles in Joy Giving. We aim to give through trusted relationships, balance giving in our own community with global giving, and focus on organizations purposed to serve holistically. The lessons of Joy Giving have shaped our journey and will shape yours.”

Lyle Mason, Executive Director,
Magnolia Foundation, Texas, USA

“Cameron Doolittle has written an outstanding book for followers of Christ who have questions about how God wants them to give. Anchored in hundreds of conversations with givers around the world, this is the practical, biblically based resource that the global Body of Christ has been looking for. I heartily recommend it!”

Howard Dayton, Founder and CEO,
Compass – Finances God’s Way, Florida, USA

“Cameron encapsulates the vast topic of generosity, not just dealing with the ‘how’ but also with the ‘heart’ of giving. If Christ is the Lord of my life, then He is the Lord of my finance. I wholeheartedly endorse Joy Giving as a practical guide of biblical generosity that will excite anyone who wants to expand God’s Kingdom.”

Dr. Francois van Niekerk,
Entrepreneur, Founder of the Mergon Foundation,
and author of Doing Business with Purpose,
Pretoria, South Africa

“This is a powerful book on generosity that every pastor, ministry leader, and child of God should read. Cameroon Doolittle shares both biblical and practical wisdom from around the world as he challenges you to do even better walking along your Christian generous path!”

Andrés G. Panasiuk, General Secretary,
Compass Global Alliance, Florida, USA

“We are responsible for every bit of the money God entrusts to us. Cameron’s Joy Giving is a timely book by a long-time practitioner. It will help you start the exciting journey to experience deeper joy by giving with eternal impact. A must read for donors and recipients however big or small.”

Suparno Adijanto, Managing Director,
The Bumi Raya Group, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Full of biblical wisdom and practical principles for generous giving, Doolittle does more than merely instruct our minds. He wins our hearts to a powerfully fresh vision of Christian generosity, rooted in the breathtaking generosity of God and whose telos is Gospel-centered, joy-filled, global partnership. I will come back to this book often.”

Scott Anderson, President & CEO,
Desiring God, Minnesota, USA

“Read this book with an open heart and an expectant spirit. This journey leads to a destination beyond your wildest imagination. Never making the reader feel guilty, but instead inspiring us to relook at the critical issue of generosity, Cameron encourages us to discover the joy of giving and ultimately acknowledge that generosity has the power to heal what wealth has broken.”

Graham Power, Founder,
Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical,
Cape Town, South Africa

“Cameron Doolittle is an experienced, credible herald of the generosity message. Generosity isn’t a job or hobby for the Doolittle family; it’s a lifestyle and a calling. Having served givers on every populated continent, Cameron’s observations on this subject are both practical and inspiring.”

David Denmark, Executive Director,
Maclellan Foundation, Tennessee, USA

“Most money advice encourages you to look inward for answers. This book, and the stories within, will help you to look Godward instead. I’ve been studying biblical generosity with my whole heart, and I picked up new, fresh insights from this book.”

John Cortines, co-author of
God and Money: How We Found True Riches at Harvard Business School, Florida, USA