“What small group study is best to engage our group in generosity?”

Situation: Looking for Small Group Curriculum

Jon from India asked, “Are there referrals you can give to small group curriculum on generosity?”

To answer this question, we looked at 13 different small group studies on generosity. Phew!

Before we name specific studies, here’s the most important thing: do something with your small group.

Any time spent with close friends looking at Scripture together to learn about God’s heart for generosity is time well spent! Here are a few recommendations:


The Study that Started It All

Randy Alcorn’s book, The Treasure Principle, was the catalyst God used to launch the generosity movement. Find it here.


For Affluent Churches

The Reimagine Group has put together a comprehensive set of resources, including short videos, tied to a church sermon series.


For Groups that Prefer to Watch Teaching Videos as a Group

Our friend, Jeff Manion, is a great ambassador of the message of generosity. His book, “Satisfied” is a favorite. You can download his six-video series here.


For Groups Who Love Digging into the Word Together

Gary Hoag is a New Testament scholar and blogs at generositymonk.com. Find his great book on stewardship, “Good and Faithful” and the matching video series here.


For Groups Who Have Already Been through a JOG

Our friends at Generous Giving put together Embark, a five-lesson study that helps move from “why give” to “how to give.”


If you have another favorite, please let us know in the comment section below so that we can spread the word.

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