Three Lessons from Adam Walach, Czech Republic

Each month, we introduce you to a Christian who is on the generosity path, and we ask them what God’s taught them about giving.

This month, meet Adam Walach from Czech Republic.

1. Start with the Why of Generosity. 

When we started our business, we thought it would be a risk that we might become too rich. So we decided to give away 50% of the profit. We didn’t keep that promise for a few years and I drifted from God, but in 2006, I came back to God. I read Randy Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle and then I wrote down the reasons why we are to be generous. That document keeps me faithful.

We believe we can have wiser giving and increase generosity as a community.

2. Giving Together Is Strategic and Joyful. 

Many people don’t have time to think about giving strategically. They say, ‘I know some church or some ministry around me.’” With European givers, Adam is assembling the European Great Commission Collaboration (EGCC). “We really want to be based on relationships. We believe we can have wiser giving and increase generosity as a community of generous Christians in Europe.

3. A Donor Profile Organizes Your Giving. 

After you’ve answered ‘why,’ you need to think about ‘how.’ Many donors say, ‘I have no time to discover needs; I’m just waiting for requests.’ We wrote a donor profile, like we would write an investment profile. For us, it’s primarily about discipleship and evangelism, especially in Europe. We have three children, ages 12 and down, so we are putting in some rules about how we want to pass the wealth to our children.


Adam loves to give to: shares the Gospel online. Adam says, “We very much enjoy supporting, which is a digital media evangelisation and discipleship project. We see digital media as a strategic sector in todays outreach effort. They are inexpensive and you can have access to the internet from almost everywhere. It’s one of the most important communication tools for the younger generations.”

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